ChurchillTerry provides advisory services to owner-managed businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors in privately held companies.  We work with these businesses to accelerate profitable growth while minimizing the risks associated with early-stage and rapidly-growing ventures.

{  How We Are Different  }

We specialize in owner-managed businesses such as entrepreneurial ventures, investor portfolio companies, family businesses, professional services firms and creative agencies to name a few.

These businesses typically share several unique characteristics, including deep, narrow expertise with only limited general management experience, and close-knit management teams where exploration of options can be interpreted negatively. Third parties (families, partners, investors) may have significant say in important decisions . . . decisions with consequences for the business as well personal wealth.

Often these critical business decisions are unfamiliar or occur infrequently and have far-reaching ramifications. And sometimes education and a disinterested critical thought resource is more important than specific guidance.

ChurchillTerry is that unique resource. We understand finance, strategy, and people. And that makes us different.

{  Where We Fit In  }

We help with the business of business.

We help our clients with:

  • Growth
  • Finance
  • Transition
  • Turn-around

We can expand your team or back-fill both short-term and long-term. We fit in with your attorneys, tax accountants, financial planners, bankers and insurance agents. We broker neither businesses nor funding (but we can help with both). We work on both projects and retainer engagements.

We can not only advise and plan, we can implement and execute. We worry about what you worry about.


• Interim CFO Functions
• Controller Services
• Bookkeeping Services
• Forecasting
• Cash Flow Planning
• Bank Reporting
• Valuations
• Investor Presentations
• Equity Raise Support
• Equity and Sub-debt Introductions (non-fee)

The lifeblood and the measuring stick of enterprise. Whatever your company’s relationship with money, we can help.

Whether you need to track it better, find more or generate more, leverage it, keep it, spend it, save it or invest it. We take corporate finance and accounting seriously. So much so we’ve had our own award-winning economist on staff for over a decade.


• Incentive Compensation
• Succession Planning
• Executive Education
• Leadership Development
• Management Retreats
• Partner Compensation
• Owner Tax Strategies
• Distribution Strategies
• Equity Incentive Plans
• Merger Integration
• New Partner Integration

One of the few remaining opportunities to create a competitive advantage. Difficult to quantify, yet so obvious when you look at the great companies that are defined and differentiated by their approach to their human capital.

Our leadership development programs have been used to groom identified talent for leadership, partnership and ownership roles. We have developed an exclusive portfolio of licensed assessment, coaching and education programs that can be tailored to fit all of your management development needs.


• Assessment
• Implementation
• Strategic Planning
• Business Planning
• Exit Planning
• Pricing Development
• Market Analysis
• M&A Support
• M&A Analysis
• Turnaround Work

Perhaps the most abused and overused term in the lexicon of business, so we’re very careful to ensure we define and understand the context of the strategy work we engage in with our clients.

We look at strategy within 3 contexts: market, financial and feasibility to understand your “why,” your resources, and your capabilities. And we’re willing to help with implementation, from macro concerns such as economics and commodity pricing to micro concerns such as commercial contracts and negotiations.

Our Range
of Expertise

Dozens of clients with hundreds of successful assignments completed over nearly 20 years. We take pride in our ability to rapidly learn new verticals and bring valuable insights by applying lessons from other industries.


Commercial Products
& Services


Technology & Other


Consumer Products & Services


Healthcare & Professional Services


Education Publishing & Non-Profits


Category Name Percentage


Category Name Percentage

Success Stories

ChurchillTerry has helped dozens of clients and advised on over $100M in funding and transaction decisions.



We believe the best business advice can only come from a thorough understanding of our clients’ finances. To that end, all of our advisors come with deep experience in areas such as accounting, investing, finance and economics. Many have successful business ownership backgrounds or C-level track records with P&L responsibility. That combination of financial acumen and business savvy is rare and valuable at any level, and ChurchillTerry is unique in providing it to middle and lower market companies for nearly 20 years.

– John Terry – 

The Professor

Thirty years of experience in technology, sales and finance in companies of all sizes and phases. John pairs more than 20 years as a successful entrepreneur, and 17 years as an adjunct professor at one of the top ranked business schools in America where he taught entrepreneurship, private equity, and venture capital.

A life-long, musician willing to lay down a bass groove at the drop of a beat.

– Billy Dickinson –

The Outdoorsman

Twenty-five years of experience in accounting and information technology with credentials in financial planning, business valuations, and tax, as well as systems engineering and database administration from Microsoft. Also an expert on non-profit administration & management with a heart for philanthropy.

Avid outdoorsman & hunter with family ties dating back to Texas as a province of Spain.

– Brian Bartles –

The Economist

Twenty years of experience as an analyst, investment banker, entrepreneur, consultant and Ivy League economist. Won an award at Princeton (from then-department chair Ben Bernanke) for his senior thesis in international currency arbitrage. Also an expert in international politics.

Brian is a long-time baseball pitcher who enthusiastically enjoys odds-making in sports and politics.

– Todd Inmon –

The Brewmeister

Fifteen years of experience, including time served as a transfer pricing expert with the Big 4 and then as a successful entrepreneur. A former entrepreneurship student of John’s who executed on his business plan to launch a successful brewery in Brenham, TX which he owns today.

Hosting an exchange student in high school led to a fondness for all things German, particularly cars and of course, beer.

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