Pricing Strategy & Enterprise Software Recovery

A category leading multi-million dollar Internet merchant was struggling with profitability, timely information and accurate reporting.  ChurchillTerry rapidly deployed a high-level executive team to analyze and understand the problem and to make recommendations to the CEO.  In the midst of these troubles, the CFO resigned.  ChurchillTerry provided interim CFO services while conducting the search for a full-time replacement.  A failed IT implementation of inventory and financial software was ultimately identified as a major contributing factor to the information problem (earlier engagement could have avoided the entire expense as it was determined the software failed to address the core problem).  Upon conclusion, ChurchillTerry successfully concluded both its interim executive work, search work, put the IT and executive teams on the right path regarding the software implementation, and demonstrated an improved pricing strategy that improved profitability by more than 20 percent.

Turnaround, Strategy & Financial Outsource

After a failed sale, an entrepreneur repurchased her company as a turn-around amidst closing stores in multiple states and rapidly declining sales.  ChurchillTerry stepped into a leadership role and worked with key executives to stabilize operations...